Exercise and endorphins

You hear many people say that one of the reasons to exercise is because it releases endorphins but what are actually endorphins? Endorphins are chemicals that are made in the body. They actually have the same effect as when someone takes morphine. They lower the feeling of pain in the body and make you feel happy.

Endorphins block the sensation of pain and lower stress levels. Some research suggests that it can reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. There are individual differences in how long you need to participate in activities before you get the feeling. However, longer periods of activities are more likely to release endorphins.

If you are not experiencing a happy feeling after working out, it is possible that you are not working out hard enough. Some research suggests that you need to take part in heavy weight training or training that incorporates sprinting.

If you are ever feeling down or stressed then you know what to do! Go for a run or participate in any sweat inducing activity. 

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